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Connecticut based aerial photographer focused delivering your professional high-quality aerial photography and video while working with you to bring your vision to life with content for use in real estate, construction, advertising, news, and social media marketing.

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Drone Photography

Drone photography allows us to capture high definition photography that provides vivid and crystal clear images from angles and perspectives that are not possible with traditional camera set-ups.

Drone Videography

Drones are a crucial part of capturing our lives' events by providing us with some of today's most exciting footage. Drones give you a bird's eye view of what matters most, from capturing stunning views for a wedding to highlighting the dynamic nature of your workplace or assessing damage during a natural disaster.


Drone-based construction progression photos and videos are a valuable tool in project development from the first site visit to completion. Whether you need construction progress photography or a property survey for insurance purposes, you can count on DronerCT to provide prompt and professional services.

Drones are changing the world.

Are you looking for Drone Services for your Business?
We are the best shot in town, and no matter what needs you have for drone productions, we're here to help you understand the capabilities of this technology and put it to work best for you. You create the vision, and DronerCT will capture it!
With DronerCT working for you, you can comfortably accommodate your needs by capturing stunning photography or creating an intimate video at lower costs, risks, and greater control over the shot.
You get the product you want at a smart rate and high quality, all thanks to our drone services.

Get in touch to tell DronerCT a little bit about your needs and receive a quote. We're ready to hear from you and start your next great project.

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