Creative Services


DronerCT offers a variety of services that go beyond the drone! Reach out to see if I can help you! 

Podcast Services

To take advantage of DronerCT's podcast editing services, Record your episode as you usually would. From there, email me the files or upload them to dropbox, google drive, etc. DronerCT will then edit raw audio footage for the entire content of your show. We'll add intros, outros, sponsored messages get rid of awkward pauses false starts, any dead air, or mistakes made during your audio file. 


If needed, you can also request the removal of a specific block of time. If you want a particular block of time removed, please note the timecode. DronerCT will also provide Volume matching for even sounding playback then deliver the final mp3 file. 


While editing a show, we're writing show notes and adding links mentioned in the episode writing down a summary of the contents of the episode and highlighting its best moments. We make sure to include website and social media links. DronerCT also offers podcast transcription services! Let us know how we can help you! 

Instagram Services

Video Editing Services

Your time is a precious resource that is quickly evaporating. What about the time you spend at home, at the store, with your family, or pursuing hobbies and other goals? How do you add youtube on top of all that? 

When you edit your videos, the time must come from one or more of these activities. Which one are you willing to sacrifice? The point is that most people who start YouTube channels quickly realize they can’t keep up with the demands of life and still have time to make their videos perfect by cutting out pauses and mistakes, adding b-roll footage, lower thirds.


That means they either post raw videos that few people will watch, or they give up on YouTube altogether. Don’t fall into either of these categories. This is why DronerCT is the perfect freelance video editor for youtube! Get back to what’s important, and let DronerCT take care of the video editing.

Ask About Youtube Branding

Want to give your YouTube channel a fresh look? Do you know how to make a youtube branding watermark? DronerCT can offer you the whole package. Let us help with your branding on youtube!


This YouTube branding package includes:

  • YouTube Channel Banner

  • Custom intro and end screen that you can use in every video

  • One custom title card

  • Thumbnail template in PSD