Aerial Photography is an excellent way to get a great perspective on your project with still images. Aerial Drone Photography is a new and exciting technology that provides a host of new business opportunities and personal users. Once, aerial images could only be obtained from airplanes, helicopters, or satellites making their use infrequent, expensive, and inaccessible. Today as a licensed drone photographer, DronerCT can provide you fast turn-around of aerial images. This portfolio may be updated frequently with new locations that I've had the pleasure of photographing. Come back regularly to see more spectacular views of Connecticut. 

Ferry at Bridgeport Harbor

Bethel Reservoir

Beach Overhead


Rose Garden Twirl

Steelpointe Harbor Sunset

Fayerweather Lighthouse

Lover's Leap

Stratford Twilight

Walnut Hill Park Fountain




Castle Craig

White Hollow Farms

Please visit DronerCT Blog for our latest aerial blog work as well. DronerCT flies all around the state of Connecticut and utilizes the DJI Mavic Pro 2 gimbal-stabilized high-resolution camera. DronerCT provides stunning still photos of any location you'd like to see from a different perspective. Whether your project is real estate, construction, commercial, agriculture, or even damage inspections, DronerCT looks forward to assisting you with the vertical views you require.


If you have ever considered getting a print, please reach out. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a print edition of one of these photos, let me know in the comment or reach out to me at