Drone Services

Can you imagine being able to see the world from a whole new perspective? DronerCT provides drone services throughout the state of Connecticut, including photography, videography, aerial inspections, and post-production.

Two Roads Brewery

DronerCT provides stunning aerial images, video, and panoramas showcasing your property from a unique perspective in the sky. Perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large estates, parks, and farms and providing context to nearby amenities and features.


DronerCT can also assist in your Real Estate Scouting! This service is for the investor or out-of-area buyer who wants more detailed information about a property. We provide HD photographs and 4K videos of the exterior of the site. We also capture the aerials of the site and local area, providing valuable information.


Roof inspection

Aerial inspections with drones provide a safer, cheaper, and faster alternative to putting employees in harm's way. Help keep yourself and your employees out of dangerous situations and save on expensive and needless equipment rental costs. Get inspection results in a fraction of the time. Why not just send a professional drone pilot to get the aerial property inspection photos you need to process a claim or inspection? 


Saint Augustine's Cathedral Bridgeport Connecticut

Drones are a valuable tool in preserving the rich historical roots of New England. Older buildings, especially any place with accessibility issues such as church steeples, roofs, and confined stone structures and facades, greatly benefit from a camera in the air for gathering imagery. Documenting for future reference is often an avenue overlooked in the area but probably one of the most needed when dealing with the vast history of Connecticut.


Most drone missions can be scheduled within a few days weather permitting and completed in just a few hours. Images can be supplied as videos, still images, or hi-resolution composite images that can be used for decoration, marketing, planning, municipal inspections, construction inspections, and progress reporting.

The following industries, among others, can utilize aerial drone photography and video to improve their businesses. 

  • Real Estate

  • Planning and development 

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Architecture 

  • Event Photo and Video 

  • Weddings and Parties

  • News or Media Coverage

  • Fine Art Photography 

Contact DronerCT today to schedule a consultation call to see how you can use aerial drone imaging to help you and your business.