DronerCT offers aerial mapping! Aerial mapping is faster and more cost-effective than typical methods. With orthomosaic mapping, you get more than 10x the resolution than using Google Maps.

For a fraction of your time and cost, DronerCT can do typically takes multiple sessions, costing thousands of dollars, with traditional plane mapping.

Most aerial maps have as little as a 24-hour turn-around time!

Orthomosaic Map

Orthomosaic maps are aerial photographs that are geometrically corrected. It is a large, map-quality image with great detail and resolution made by combining many smaller images called orthophotos. (Like Google Maps but sharper and more current)


Unlike uncorrected Drone Photography, an orthomosaic map can measure actual distances, because it is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface, having adjustments for the effects of image perspective (tilt) and relief (terrain) effects and lens distortion.


DronerCT does not compete with our clients for surveying services. Most of our clients provide their ground control points for their mapping projects. 


Which industries use orthomosaic maps?

- Real estate

- Urban planning

- Environment conservation

- Law enforcement and emergency response

- Construction

- Agriculture

 3D Models

Do you need a 3D rendering of your upcoming building to showcase it to potential clients or investors? Creating a 3D model of your surrounding area, you can put your development in context. It is an excellent tool to use for presentations, development plans showing existing and proposed conditions.


DronerCT combines hundreds of drone images, GPS coordinates, and altitude data into impressive 3D models for your business needs. 

Maneuver around your model by spinning and rotating with detail and clarity that will impress you! You can gain deep insights into your project that can help you visualize things from previously unseen angles.

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