• Rui Pinho

Client Portfolio: The Clean Harbors 200

A friend of mine at Will Sarris Productions gave me a call a few weeks ago asking if I could shoot some drone footage for a video shoot in Norwell, MA (about 3 hours away from me).

When we discussed what was needed, I learned the footage is being used in the NASCAR Clean Harbors 200, airing October 17th at 4 pm EDT on Fox.

Clean Harbors is North America's leading COVID-19 decontamination company. The footage will be used as an opening message of the race from the Clean Harbors CEO, welcoming everyone and asking the drivers to start their engines.

Will ended up using a static camera shot on a tripod and other stylistic shots using a gimbal, and I was responsible for the drone work.

It was a windy day, so I was concerned that I might not take the drone up, but ultimately there was enough calm to get the drone in the air, and I'm glad the footage came out great!

We took lots of footage, not knowing exactly how much editing the client wanted to do, so we'll see what ended up in the final edit.

It was a fun shoot and great to be out working on a beautiful day! It will be exciting to see our work end up on TV in front of a national audience.

As always, if you need any video production or post-work, contact me! We'd love to see how we can make your presentation come to life.

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