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The 4 ways you're not using a drone and you should!

Drones are revolutionizing the way the world around us can be captured and shared. Just a short time ago, the only way you could get some fantastic aerial photography was to hire a helicopter or a small airplane. Still, now you can quickly get impressive aerial views for a much more reasonable price! Because drone photography is so accessible now, it's brought us into the future of what event planning could look like. Here are a few ways that drone photography is not being readily utilized and will significantly improve even the smallest events into great memories.

1.) Wedding Drone Photography

When considering hiring a drone photographer for a wedding, you must consider your wants and needs for the service. Do you want them to shoot at the venue only? Do you want them to take aerial pictures of the couple? Think about all the completely new angles you can take and the craziest ideas for your photo session! More and more couples are looking to separate themselves from other weddings, and one of the services they are willing to pay for is Drone Photography!

2.) Drones for Sports Events

By utilizing the drone's speed and versatility, and powerful camera technology, it almost seems like a natural conclusion to use drones during sporting events. Drones can provide you the opportunity to create engaging photography and videos for the coming season. Perhaps you want to review your team's strategy during a match, one could argue that the best way to do that would be from a bird's eye view! One advantage of using drones for sports that you can guarantee that you won't miss any of the action due to having the wrong angle or being too far away! Sports and action fans are always looking for ways to re-live their experiences, and drones can offer that in a whole new way!

Shooting for sporting events with a drone does involve an increased amount of liability. A drone pilot should be aware of flying directly over people, so this means operators need to be mindful of the safety of athletes and spectators. Keeping this in mind, Drones can really enhance a sporting event in very creative ways!

3.) Drones for Festivals and concerts

Are you in charge of planning to host an event and looking for the perfect place? It can be challenging to get the full scope of a property by just walking the grounds or looking at a map. Festivals and concerts are usually more significant events that take a lot of planning to ensure things run smoothly.

Drone photography is the perfect way to document your hard work going unnoticed. By mapping the area, you can see what your property looks like by flying a drone to bring footage or photos back to your team for planning and approval. Capturing hard-to-see locations can be pivotal for your plan, and an ariel view can help with that! Utilizing those drone shots can then help organize the event with an in-depth look at where everything is in the space.

Using drone footage to create fantastic marketing and event recap videos is the next big thing! With an aerial perspective, the event planners can now show off event locations, crowds of people, and their setup like never before. Market with behind-the-scenes photos of the stage being set up. It's a great way to generate excitement before your event!

Due to the large number of people at the location of these shoots, be mindful of the increased liability involved. Your Drone Pilot might need to get additional insurance to be able to fly the drone. A drone pilot should be aware of flying directly over people, so this means operators need to be mindful of the safety of athletes and spectators. Keeping this in mind, Drones can really enhance your event in very creative ways!

4.) Drones for Parties

This last idea is one I can see really making a splash in the next few years! It's a fantastic tool that offers lots of photography and filming opportunities. However, we don't always think of all the options. So we are here to help you! Make your next party a truly unforgettable one with some awesome shots of the fun!

From private or business parties to college parties and festivals, drones can now captivate all the exciting moments with aerial footage in a unique, fantastic way. Aerial photography and videography offer sensational imagery from unbelievable angles. For parties, drones are the perfect solution because they can cover large areas. Even with a small budget, you can still capture amazing moments.

Paying for 1hr of an operator's time usually includes 20-40mins of flight time, which is enough to get plenty of pictures and some videos. Now, just imagine how exciting it can be to upload your drone party photos or videos to Facebook or Youtube and share them with your friends or family!

Drone operators are ready to help you with your needs and are prepared to fly all around the United States. There are plenty of uses for drones that have not been discussed here. Feel free to let me know if you have been successful utilizing drones in any other way, not typically advertised.

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