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Keeping Business Booming While on Lockdown

Bringing Products To Customers With Professional Drone Services

To Survive In The Business World During COVID-19, You Need To Get Creative

With the coronavirus bringing the world to a screeching halt, businesses around the globe have shut their doors to adhere to social distancing guidelines. For many companies who depend on visibility and engagement with the public, social distancing and shelter-at-home restrictions can be a death sentence. With the pandemic not letting up any time soon, finding a way to adapt and meet the needs of customers in an all-digital world is vital for survival. This can be especially difficult if your business depends on personal interaction with clients.

When You Can’t Bring Customers To You, Bring Product To Them

One example of a hardest-hit industry in the time of COVID-19 is real estate. Recent events may cause more and more buyers to stay home and look for properties online instead of visiting open houses or doing drive-bys. Without the ability to bring customers into homes and commercial properties, making sales has become uniquely challenging. Those agents who will survive in the new "corona-economy" are those who get creative with their business. Instead of bringing clients to property, deliver the property to clients with the skills of a professional drone pilot and aerial photographer/videographer. With all eyes on screens, a lockdown might be the perfect opportunity to capture a potential customer's attention with a branded video featuring draw-dropping aerial footage. Fantastic drone images are more important now than ever!

Take Advantage Of Today’s New Digital Business Environment With DronerCT

If you are a company needing to adapt to doing business without face-to-face interaction, consider hiring the professional aerial photographer and videography services of DronerCT. DronerCT is a Connecticut-based drone professional whose mission to bring professional high-quality aerial photography and video to businesses of all kinds who are facing difficulty during these trying times.

DronerCT will work with you to create incredible video content that brings your company's vision to life. Best of all, nearly all communication and project development can be done while keeping the world safe through social distancing. Our service requires NO DIRECT CONTACT with you or your clients. With a portfolio of experience in serving real estate, construction, social media marketing, and more, Droner CT is the answer to doing business in this new phase of global marketing. Aerial images are proven to help sell real estate listings faster, and its a great way to view your property's proximity to nearby points of access, significant roadways, adjacent business, as well as local amenities and area features. The Spring market is when you NEED to stand out - check out our pricing and portfolio and then do what too many agents and sellers aren't doing... TRY AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY!

Contact DronerCT at DronerCT@gmail.com to find out how professional drone services can change the game for your company and bring your vision to your clients.

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