• Rui Pinho

Iconic Danbury Fair Uncle Sam Statue

As a dad of two boys, I don't get much time to go exploring. Many times I make a point to go somewhere local to get some quick photos somewhere. In June of 2019, I was talking to my mother-in-law, and she mentioned that I might find the World's Tallest Uncle Sam Statue in Danbury, CT, would be of particular interest to me and She was right! The statue originally stood at the Danbury State Fair from 1971-1981 when it closed. After almost four decades after the last Danbury State Fair that the Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton announced that they were bringing Uncle Sam Back from an amusement park Lake George, N.Y, where it stood after it being sold in 1981. I found this huge Uncle Sam statue in the parking lot of the Danbury Railway Museum. The Uncle Sam Statue claims to be the World's tallest 38 feet tall, but I don't know for sure. (Could be!) I always enjoy discovering things that I wasn't aware of before, and it doesn't hurt that I'm able to take some drone shots of my discoveries. I recommend checking it out! Cool thing to see in person!

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